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Love you LIMA

Love you LIMA

The countdown to Peru is on! We are heading back to Lima for the month of February and we couldn't be more excited. Around this time last year we spent a few weeks traveling throughout the country exploring the city, wandering through the Sacred Valley, and visiting the amazing Machu Picchu. We both cried tears, yes, real tears, as we were leaving for the airport to return to Florida, and since that day we have been determined to go back. And now the countdown is on! (20 days to go).

We will be spending a lot of the time browsing through the local markets, working with Peruvian artisans to develop new goods for the shop, and gathering inspiration - however we want to share a few spots that we CANNOT wait to get back to.

1) Pan De La Chola

Our good friend introduced us to this incredible bakery/cafe last year during our visit and we were instantly hooked. Fresh bread, good coffee, and organic ingredients make this place a MUST VISIT while you're in town. It is on a random street in the Miraflores district of Lima, nestled between mechanics and metal workshops, and it is a real brunch gem.

Our favorite - the sourdough bread + avocado. Pic via

2. The Markets

Not to mention mazes of markets bursting with incredible textiles, trinkets, and souvenirs, a couple of blocks from Lima’s Plaza de Armas, there is a multi-story market that offers an awesome glimpse into Peruvian products, produce, and anything else you could possibly want to shop for. The huge main building is organized by sections ranging from animal products to clothes, and if you're looking to cook, you'll find the freshest ingredients here. We wandered past whole chickens, ducks, pig’s heads, bins of shellfish, and bags of quinoa. The streets that surround the market building worth a stroll down as well - they are filled with cookware, electronics and shoes, as well as vendors willing to trade and negotiate - Shopping is WAY more fun in Peru.

3. The Landscape

The summer-y, laid-back feel of Lima is one thing, but the landscape, architecture, and location of the city is another. It is located right on the edge of the South Pacific Ocean, so although it can be hot and dry, there is a constant ocean breeze to cool things down. There are different species of plants, primarily palms, succulents, and cacti scattered throughout the city. Lima is essentially a desert that drops off into the sea. One of our favorite places to hang out is a boardwalk called the Malecon, which is filled with the best restaurants that overlook the surfers catching waves in the ocean below.

^ The houses in the Barranco district of Lima are painted many colors, and have the most beautiful plants surrounding them. We love this 'hood.

^ The Malecon is one of the best places in the city to watch the sunset.

^ The Malecon. Image from Travel Innate

Aside from these things, we can't wait to get back down there to EAT. Lima is known for its culinary excellence and many claim that Peru has the best food in Latin America. (Mark my words, we will be putting that to the test someday).

We'll be updating the journal every other week or so and throughout the time we are down there. Until then, stay seeking friends.